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Create a New Event Guide

How To Add New Events
This guide will show you how to add RSVPMaker events.


Hover over RSVP Events in the sidebar on the left and click on Add New.


Click where it says "Enter Title Here" and name your event. Add your description to the box below the toolbar.


Under the heading of "Event Options", select the month, day and year of your event as well as the start hour and minutes. Set duration to create an end time.


Click in the boxes to determine if you want to collect RSVPs, require attendees to be logged into your site, and whether you want attendee names and their notes displayed publicly. We recommend you include a captcha.

Add the email for notification of RSVPs. You can also include instructions for the attendee such as whether you will be sending out tickets.

Your confirmation message can be customized as well.


Under "Special Options", you can set the month, day, and year that you wish to stop collecting RSVPs, start collecting RSVPs, and when you want to send a reminder to people on the RSVP list.

Check whether you want number of RSVPs to be displayed publicly, and then choose how many guests will be allowed to attend.

Time slots are used for volunteer shift signups.

The RSVP form can also be edited next, if you understand html code. Otherwise leave as is to collect First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Guest Names, and Notes.

You can visit RSVP reminders in the dashboard to customize messages.


Starting at the bottom of the right sidebar, set the featured image that will display at the top of the event page. The image will need to be 1903px wide by 360px tall.

The next box up you will select, or create, an event type.

The next box up you will set tags for the event. Use keywords that a visitor may type in when searching for an event like yours.

To preview your event click on "Preview". If you are not ready to publish the event, click on "Save Draft". Click on "Publish" when you are ready for the event to go live.